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Foremost Builders is proud to lend customers our expertise in properly maintaining and protecting their homes, especially during seasonal shifts. That’s why we’ve put together time-tested tips paired with exemplary carpentry services to help our New England friends and neighbors prepare for the fall and winter months. Let us help you ensure your home remains comfortable and safe all season.

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We’re committed to bringing the finest craftsmanship and materials to every job we do. Take a look at some of our top services and talk to one of our experts today.

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Prepare Your Home for Fall & Winter Weather with Our Checklist

With our years of building experience, we’ve learned that staying on top of your home’s routine maintenance can likely reduce repairs. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, some mechanical items might need to be checked more regularly. We also know that it’s always a good idea to be ready for inclement weather. Below are some of our recommendations on how to prepare your New England home for the cooler seasons.

Want to learn more about how you can protect your New England home during the winter months? Contact Foremost Builders online or call us at 603-763-1344!

HVAC Prep & Maintenance minus minus

Ensure your cooling system is prepared for a long hibernation and that your heater is geared up to keep your family comfortable and safe this winter. Here’s what we recommend for your home’s HVAC system in preparation for fall and winter:

  • Vacuum fridge coils to clear any dust and debris.
  • Clean or replace your HVAC filters to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Check your generator and schedule service if necessary.
  • Schedule maintenance service for your heating system.
  • Ensure all ceiling fans run clockwise to prevent warm air from becoming trapped near the ceiling.

Outdoor Preparations minus minus

Fall is the perfect time to begin outdoor preparations in anticipation of the winter months, as the weather is typically milder. We recommend the following steps:

  • Remove screens and install storm windows and/or doors.
  • Thoroughly clean gutters, downspouts, and your roof.
  • Sufficiently cover and secure your outdoor furniture or put it in storage.
  • Schedule maintenance service for your heating system.
  • Rake leaves regularly and aerate your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to circulate through the soil.

Fire Prevention minus minus

Home fires are dangerous no matter the time of year, but they tend to spike in the winter due to factors such as candles, cooking, holiday decorations, and the use of heating units. Here are some tips for a safe winter and holiday season:

  • Sufficiently test each smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home, replacing batteries as needed.
  • Inspect fire extinguishers and ensure there is at least one fire extinguisher for every level of your home.
  • Thoroughly clean your kitchen hood and exhaust fan filter.
  • Clean your dryer’s lint trap regularly.
  • Don’t leave candles or cooking unattended.
  • Dispose of fireplace ashes safely.

Be Ready for Inclement Weather minus minus

New England winters can bring a heavy mix of snow, sleet, and rain. Your best defense against inclement weather is preparedness. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Make sure snow shovels are easy to locate and in good condition.
  • Check your snowblower for effective operation.
  • Stock up on salt and sand to use in icy areas of your driveway and sidewalk.
  • Stock your pantry over time, ensuring you have enough food to last a few days in the event of a bad storm.
  • Invest in a backup generator to provide power in case of an electrical outage.

Protect Your Plumbing minus minus

If left unprotected, your plumbing could suffer costly damage during the winter months. Adequately prepare your plumbing for winter with the following steps:

  • Winterize sprinklers and hoses by shutting off the water source and draining any water that remains inside. You should also turn off any timed sprinklers for the winter to prevent freezing.
  • Test your sump pump to make sure it will switch on to clear any melted snow or ice.
  • Drain sediment from water heater to extend its overall life and ensure you have hot water during the cooler months.
  • Insulate pipes near windows, doors, and in areas of the home that are unheated prevent them from freezing and/or bursting.

Steps for Structural Protection minus minus

Heavy ice and snow can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. Take the following steps to ensure your home remains safe throughout the winter:

  • Trim tree limbs that could become weighted by ice and fall on your home.
  • Inspect and repair steps, handrails, and outdoor lighting.
  • Schedule a chimney sweep if you plan on using your chimney during the winter.

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hear it from your neighbors

Working with Foremost was wonderful. My older home had some unique challenges and I was happy to have such an experienced crew. Everything from the design process through final walk through was easy. I had daily updates with photos from the project lead. The final product is better than I imagined and I love coming home every day. I would definitely recommend Foremost and will work with them again when needed.

Foremost provided excellent service. The quality of the work is exceptional. Much attention was given to all phases of the process from design to demo to building. They always made sure that our new kitchen would be what we wanted and would reflect our needs and lifestyle.

Foremost Builders were reliable, professional, and willing to please. They stand by their work and were genuinely interested in ensuring our satisfaction. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for superior work.

The Foremost team was a pleasure to work with. They were professional, reliable, and effective communicators. Our project was completed on time and on budget. We were very satisfied with the outcome.

I was very happy with them from the design process to the final punch list!Very positive throughout the design phase. Recommended suppliers/vendors were all knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant and easy to work with. Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly. A true pleasure to work with Foremost.

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